Claudia Olsson radio and TV interview

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While we were just summarising our impressions after one of the most successful events we had and Claudia Olsson was preparing to leave the UAE, our media partners didn’t wait for her to leave so quickly.

This Monday Claudia was invited from Dubai Eye 103.8 radio network by one and only Suzanne Radford to give her exclusive interview on a technology topics. The radio audience heard about robotics, block chain, artificial intelligence, but also some provoking questions such as “hidden emotions and empathy from artificial life – cyborgs” or “would it be possible to have a cyborg spouse?”. That was undoubtedly one of the most interesting radio interviews from one of our speakers given to the broaden audience in Dubai. Hear more about Claudia’s radio interview here.

Later on that same day Claudia visited Al Arabiya TV station in Dubai, where she met TV staff and gave her thoughts on a disruptive technologies and digital phenomena. How the host reacted, and what were the answers that Claudia gave you can see in her TV interview (in Arabic) given to Al Arabiya news channel:

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