What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation

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Believe it or not, business professionals who are already comfortable with giving presentations and are even probably admired for their skills still have room for improvement. .

Carmine Gallo, Harvard University instructor and author of Five Stars: The Communication Secrets to Get from Good to Great, shares great tips in his recently published article on Harvard Business Review.

I was sitting across the table from a Silicon Valley CEO who had pioneered a technology that touches many of our lives — the flash memory that stores data on smartphones, digital cameras, and computers. He was a frequent guest on CNBC and had been delivering business presentations for at least 20 years before we met. And yet, the CEO wanted to sharpen his public speaking skills.

“You’re very successful. You’re considered a good speaker. Why do you feel as though you need to improve?” I asked.

“I can always get better,” he responded. “Every point up or down in our share price means billions of dollars in our company’s valuation. How well I communicate makes a big difference.”

This is just one example of the many CEOs and entrepreneurs I have …finish this article here

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