Carol Talbot

Professional Speaker, Fire Starter, NLP Expert

Carol Talbot

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For as long as she can remember Carol has had a personal passion to help others. Or more correctly, to help people help themselves. What gives Carol a ‘buzz’is to make you think differently, and it doesn’t stop there; Carol seeks to empower people and work with them to create and enhance their energy within so they get ‘fired up’ to take action.
The response to Carol as a motivational and subject matter speaker at conferences, events
or workshops is always the same… ‘WOW’!

Carol is a certified MASTER trainer of NLP and as MASTER fire-walk instructor, a real ‘fire-starter,’ firing up teams and groups to walk across burning hot coals and breakthrough limitations and fears!
more and more Carol is drawn to speak, as she finds she can feed the energy in a room and lift the audience to higher levels. Carol, as you would expect, has delivered motivational speeches to large audiences across the five continents and motivated companies and staff at world class companies such as GE, Wrigley and Price Waterhouse Cooper as well as to groups such as the Entrepreneurs Organization & Young Presidents Organization.

But there is more to Carol than a motivational world class speaker that delivers on the day…her ‘fire’ is very specific, very special and creates a long term lasting powerful “ripple & wave like” effect. Carol refers to this as “starting the fire in you so you can ignite the fire in others! Now that’s a special almost unique talent.

Programme Topics:

• The Spiral Effect …unlocking the Divine Genius in your organization
• Leadership…from the Inside Out
• Say It Right
• 21st Century Learning
• Breakthrough events

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