Michael J. Tolan

International Inspirational Speaker & Ambassador of Innovation

Michael J. Tolan

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Michael Tolan started 6 companies before the age of 27. Each one of these businesses failed.

At this point, most people would realize that business is not for them. He went on to his next venture enabling him to retire at age 29. The problem was that the only people to play golf with during the day were over 70, as all of his friends had jobs. Realizing that the sense of purpose drives and fuels passion, motivation, stamina, he created a new vision, and from there went on to create another 15 business enterprises in 8 countries around the world.

Growing a business from 3 employees to over 750, he stood at the helm as CEO for 15 years before divesting his interests.

Michael J. Tolan is the CEO of World Class Group, WCISG.com, and acts as a board member and adviser to several organizations. He also heads a multinational charity group, while balancing several business interests in a variety of countries. Today he acts as a corporate mentor, speaker, and a coach with a vast amount of earned experience that enables audiences, he and his organization train to through the World Class Academy of Excellence.
A quintessential entrepreneur for the past two decades, Mr. Tolan has addressed various audiences throughout Europe and Asia delivering his energetic style to create a positive delivery of meaningful messages.
In the GCC Mr. Tolan has moderated conferences and held training workshops for organizations both governmental and the private sector. He has coached over 1000 entrepreneurs in the MENA region through workshops and webinars.

Topics he covers are:

1. Inspiration and  Personal Empowerment- The Intra-Preneur In Everyone
2. Innovation Rocks: Embracing Change to Leverage Yesterday’s lessons, today’s collaboration into Tomorrows Solutions, Don’t be a Nokia or a Kodak
3. Leadership DNA: The Model of Exemplary Leadership from the Leaders of the World
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