Wael Hattar

Installation Artist

Wael Hattar

Wael Hattar is a Dubai based artist and art collector who has had success both locally and internationally. His multidisciplinary approach and use of a wide spectrum of materials and concepts makes his work appealing to a broad audience. He has also been working in the media field for almost 15 years and establishing himself as an expert in branded content and winning awards for his work regionally and globally. His eclectic style is a mixed world between art and business. Wael has participated in several regional and international residencies over the past 14 years, from smaller group shows to larger commissions and productions for the likes of the Triangle Arts foundation and the Victoria & Albert Museums. 

Wael has been seen and heard on CNN commenting on the Dubai art scene, segment interview in 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnzVLTlGYnM,  held talks and interviews for Al Serkal Avenue galleries and is frequently a prominent figure and spokesperson for the Art Scene in the UAE but with strong international ties to the West.

His passion for the art ad collecting has lead him to chair and conceptualize the “Young Collectors Collective” in the UAE whereby he educates the market on investing in fine art.

Wael presents in English and Arabic and can provide deep insights on the Middle Eastern art scene and the modus operandi of collecting and investing in art.

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