Meet Laurence Winmill in UK News


Launch of Laurence Winmills new site!
Hailing from The South Wales Valleys, Swansea-based businessman Laurence Winmill is no stranger to the challenges faced by every budding entrepreneur. In fact, over the course of his career he has experienced many ups and downs of his own, the result of which saw him lose two million-pound businesses in an eight year period.
In addition to recently setting up PR and advertising agency M4 Media, Laurence has been busy promoting and relaunching his own set of professional services so that businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere can make a success of themselves in their respective marketplaces.
“I lost a million pound business and it nearly killed me in the process. I survived, bounced back and eight years later I lost another million pound business – stupidity, bad luck, bad management, market conditions, sales & people – results and leadership. All factors that affect the performance, the revenues and the profits that dictate the cashflow and the lifeblood of the business,” said Laurence, who has spent much of his career in the media sector working for leading publishers such as Thomson Regional Newspapers, United News & Media, and The Newsquest Media Group.

A self-confessed people person, manager and risk taker, Laurence calls upon his own personal and professional experiences to advise fellow individuals and organisations, and offers a number of services including motivational speaking, presenting, business training and conference facilitating. Laurence is also a published author, and his book Live Your Life provides a guide to business success as well as a manual to overcome the trials and tribulations encountered in life.
“I’m here to provide genuine support with selling, client liaison and all the factors that need to be juggled to run a small business – from the highs of the people, management and finances to the lows of the risks and what to do when it all goes wrong – all laced with great stories and lessons learned from my career in the corporate world of publishing and medical sales. Visit my brand new website today to discover more about my long list of services and please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information,” concluded Laurence.