Erik Saelens

Media & Branding

Erik Saelens

Erik speaks regularly at conferences and universities worldwide, as well as contributing frequently to specialist sector media. He focuses on what makes branding meaningful today and how to make marketing relevant tomorrow. How can brands maintain/initiate contact with their customers? What do those customers want anyway? Erik is constantly rethinking these strategies and looking ahead. His unique storytelling style never fails to enlighten and entertain.

Erik has written more than 15 books on brand marketing. He’s the writer behind The End of Marketing as we Know It, The Brandhome method®, The Story Wars, Two Marketing Buddies Walk into Buddha, In Triple-A® We Trust and Branded, a book on how his team won the political elections in Belgium.

Erik will help make your event happen. Years of international experience have given him the qualities every good host needs. Share your objectives with him and he will focus on the efficient and successful presentation of your event. Beyond hosting, Erik also organizes workshops in which he teaches others how to increase one-on-one interaction and explains why it is indispensable.

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