Andreas Ekström

Journalist and Author

Andreas Ekström
Swedish journalist, author and digital futurist Andreas Ekström wrote a bestselling book about Google – and has since been a leading commentator on all things digital around the world.
Andreas won the “Speaker of the Year” award in Sweden in 2019.
His talk – always custom made to fit the audience – will give you mindblowing perspectives on who controls the money and true power, today and tomorrow.
Andreas Ekström is a senior staff writer and columnist at Sydsvenskan, a daily morning paper in Malmö, Sweden.
His passion? He calls it ”educating for digital equality”.
”I want to see a world in which we share the wealth – not only financially, but also in terms of knowledge and influence,” he says.
As a reporter with many years of experience covering the field, Ekström holds amazing insights in how the world of media, business and politics is affected by the main digital power players of the world. He is a highly sought after and seasoned speaker that has received excellent reviews across Europe on his thought-provoking lectures.
Ekström is an author of several books; ”The Google Code”, published in 2010, made him a household name in the Nordics. His biggest international audience he reached through TED. His TED talks has reached over a million viewers to date.
His latest book is the critically acclaimed “On Finding“, published in 2019.
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