Debbie Nicol


Debbie Nicol

Debbie Nicol, an Australian accomplished business professional, personifies change. With true conviction and consistent commitment to learning and developing human capability in organizations, Debbie has change, leadership and learning at the core of all that she has accomplished. The name ‘Debbie Nicol’ is synonymous with quality, results and impact’!

Debbie’s career has spanned 5 continents over 25 years, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and UK, while holding local, regional and global corporate Leadership, HR, OD, Change and Learning roles. Initially a teacher in the Australian public education system, the pull of industry became all too strong, at which stage Debbie entered the world of International Hospitality. This led her from a position in one hotel to a corporate HR Development role overseeing 600 properties. Thereafter, the only growth possible was to become an entrepreneur, a move that has resulted in vast learning, serving many industries such as Oil and Gas, Logistics and Shipping, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Telecoms, Knowledge Security and Government arenas, across the GCC region and west Asia.

These achievements have been founded on her solid and consistent commitment to self-learning. Debbie firstly gained a Diploma of Teaching in Australia; she openly admits it was one of the best foundations for success, providing organizational skills for both content and people management. Moving on, she ventured into exploring Human Resources with a Diploma of HR, which most certainly opened her mind to the corporate side of learning. Struck by the ‘social constructivist’ method of learning, she ventured into a Masters of Education, through a community-based online learning methodology, revered for pioneering education in Australia and loved it so much that she continued to complete an additional Masters Degree of Applied Linguistics.

Debbie thrives in life with a strong vibrant spirit. Constantly ‘on the go’ in both work and life, she stretches herself with travels that take her to an edge. Surviving on a sled in the Arctic for 9 days, trekking Mont Blanc in Europe and sea-caving in Cyprus are but some of the sports you’ll hear her refer to with glee – and yes, each and every one of them teaches her something as well! Ever the learner, she personifies the belief: through training we learn, and afterall, aren’t the best learners the best leaders!

Debbie has authored four leadership books, created a leadership model for the changing world and is a regular columnist for ‘The National’ newspaper, with a monthly Leadership and Change column.

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