Dr. Finn Majlergaard

Cross-cultural Expert

Dr. Finn Majlergaard
Dr. Finn Majlergaard is the founding partner and CEO of Gugin. He holds a doctorate degree from International School of Management in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai and a MBA from Henley Management College, UK. He has always worked internationally and before founding Gugin he held international managment positions with IBM, CSC and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. He is a member of society of industry leaders and a fellow at The World Certification Institute. Besides leading Gugin he is a visiting professor at several business schools and universities around the world where he draws on his vast experience and comprehensive academic background. He is also on several board of directors.
– Cultural Intelligence
– How to make multicultural teams work together successfully
– Global Leadership challenges and opportunities
– How to use corporate culture to create competitive advantage
– Cross-Cultural crisis management
– Turning young leaders into global leaders
– Creating competitive advantage from cultural diversity
The author of two books:
1. Leveraging Cultural Diversity in Emerging Markets
2. Creating competitive Advantage from Cultural Diversity
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