Gordon Tredgold


Gordon Tredgold

Gordon is an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker.

He worked for over 25 years in Senior Leadership positions for Fortune 100 companies where he
successfully implemented multiple large complex Transformation Programs. He was a
turnaround expert often called in to help recover failing projects and under-performing
departments and he has led of large diverse global teams of up to 1000 staff.

Gordon understands leadership and he knows what is needed in order to achieve sustainable
success, even in the most difficult of circumstances, and he now shares that knowledge with his
clients to help them achieve amazing results.

Gordon speaks, writes and coaches on leadership, working with Large
Corporations, Small to Medium Size Enterprises, Trade Associations, Entrepreneur
Groups and Universities.

He has worked with Accenture, Staffordshire University, Allianz, IBM, AISEC, CEBIT, Vistage,
American Airlines, Johnson and Wales University, and many, many more.

As a Visiting Professor, Staffordshire University, Faculty of Business, Education and Law, he has
taught his FAST Approach to the Executive MBA Group.

Gordon’s talks are Fun, Actionable, Straightforward, and Thought provoking.

He has an excellent ability to make complex concepts appear simple, easy to understand, often
using analogies or funny examples to get his points across.

Gordon provides clear, easy to follow and easy to implement solutions that his audience can use

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