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Ian Khan

CNN featured Futurist, Forbes Contributor, Author, 3 Time TEDx Speaker and fiilmmaker over the last 20 years Ian Khan has had the privilege to serve the needs of hundreds of organizations by fueling their growth through technology solutions. He has helped a diverse set of businesses ranging from Technology Companies, Oil Companies, Power Generation & Renewables Operators, Microsoft Ecosystem Partners, SAP Customers and Partners, Healthcare Providers, Manufacturers, Facility Operators, Startups, Educational Institutions, Nonprofits & associations and more.

Ian’s experiences with these organizations led him to a unique position of being able to identify the common challenges today’s fast paced businesses face towards growth. The bottom line as he found out, is that we all are hungry for success, want to grow, and make a difference. Where we fall short is by failing to understand our environment and taking the right action within that environment.

After 20 years serving the needs of the industry Ian’s natural pivot was to answer his calling and help organizations at a broader level understand what tomorrow brings. His work and study of all these organizations brought forward very unique perspectives that he now share through his work.

According to Ian, “Today, hands down, we live in the great time for humanity. Technology is a great thing, but it also has its victims. Many organizations of tomorrow will fail under the pressure of a fast changing world, much of which is fueled and driven by technology”. Ian’s mission is to help organizations avoid that pitfall, and propel themselves into success in today’s era, going from digital disruption to digital transformation in the fastest and most sustainable way. “This is the only way we can together create limitless value, create solutions that are faced by us locally as well as by others around the globe, and make the world a happier place”, says Ian.

Today Ian’s work spans working with people by delivering keynotes, consulting and by promoting his 7 –Axioms methodology through his book and workshop masterclasses. Ian is also shooting a documentary film that will capture the thoughts and insights of some of the world’s leading thinkers on the 4th Industrial Revolution, Its Impact, and how we can all be have an opportunity to be part of the emerging future and make the right choices.

For more information please visit www.iankhan.com

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