John K. Coyle

Thought Leader - horology - Olympic Silver Medalist

John K. Coyle

John is the Founder of The Art of Really Living, an Olympic silver medalist, Stanford grad, Kellogg MBA, NBC Sports analyst, SVP and Professor of Innovation. As a speaker and author, his talent is weaving facts, examples and intellectual principles into engaging stories which bring his topics to life, and leave you with actionable ideas.

A thought leader in the field of horology (the study of time), John is an expert on how to stop the perceived acceleration of time, and create summers that last forever. John’s message:

The best way to unlock human potential and drive growth is to design lives, careers, and teams maximizing strengths rather than fixing weaknesses.

The best way to innovate your life and business so you can take on greater challenges and grow is to increase personal resilience.

When you design your life around your strengths and cultivate your resilience, you can master the art of really living: creating more meaningful experiences and intense memories.

In his presentations, John shares real-life stories from his experiences of finding his own strengths and resilience as an Olympian, innovator and father. His metaphors and practical guidelines empower his audience to take extraordinary action to innovate their lives and careers to achieve breakthrough performance and create meaning in the process.

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