Jules Lewis

Speaker. Explorer. Personal Leadership Specialist

Jules Lewis

Professional Speaker-Adventurer-Resiliency & Personal Leadership – Author.

Julie Lewis works with organizations that want to create next level performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing market place.

Julie is a world-class adventurer who challenges and changes the way people think, act and dream. Her keynotes and programs use stories gleaned from real life adventures to create memorable and actionable strategies that can be applied immediately to take people to the next level in their careers and lives.

She is a high-energy catalyst for personal and professional transformation tapping into her diverse experiences in business, sports and life. She has led multi-national teams of men and women on 60 expeditions to more than 20 countries to include the Arctic and Antarctica and on a personal level has climbed several high altitude to include the highest peaks in the Middle East, Europe and Africa reaching a personal best of 7000m on Cho Oyu. Her extensive experience in challenging environments make her the ideal speaker for teams and organizations facing challenges or going through major changes.

Julie is an accredited Resilience Consultant through one of the leading business psychology groups in the UK (Nicholson McBride) and offers high content, results orientated keynotes and programs based on science backed research Her programs offer RQ (Resilient Quotient) and RLQ (Resilient Leadership Quotient) testing, reports and action strategies for success.

Julie guides clients on a powerful self- leadership journey, developing a mountain mindset en route and applying the 5 essential elements and dimensions of resilience:

• Optimism / Vision
• Individual accountability/ Effectiveness
• Solution orientation/Empowerment
• Openness and Flexibility/Responsiveness
• Managing Stress and Anxiety /Supportiveness

Her C-Suite Best Seller book ‘ Moving Mountains ‘ is a personal development book packed with leadership lessons for 21st Century business and life

Signature programs:
The Resilience Advantage
Concepts from the book “Moving Mountains”
Integrated Personal Leadership
Peak Performance
Women in Leadership

Half day / full day programs
Off site Retreats
Signature Expeditions

“Ready for your next life adventure? Whether your looking to make the next move in your career or take the next step as a business leader, Julie will encourage you to reach the highest summit and steamroll obstacles that will allow you to reach higher perspectives and gain a new outlook in life. Her positive, encouraging attitude will help individuals, teams and organizations who feel “ stuck “ to take a giant leap into greatness “ – Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman C-Suite Network

“ Looking to create next level performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing market place? Julie Lewis is the go to woman to guide your team to the summit and beyond – be it a real or metaphorical mountain “ – Roslyn Mason, AECOM Middle East

“Julie is an engaging and passionate speaker who “walks her talk” when it comes to the theory of personal and professional development. She has a remarkable ability to share high content leadership insights with her audience based on her extensive practical experience in challenging environments. “ –
Rachel Handley, Emirates National Oil Company

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