Khalid AlQoud

Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Entrepreneur

Khalid AlQoud

Khalid AlQoud’s passion encompasses a spectrum of activities from both the corporate and social world. He has founded, led and developed several local and international organizations, and yet remains to be an active member in numerous initiatives.

He is an executive coach, speaker, entrepreneur, a leadership expert and business consultant. His expertise was not left unnoticed, and for over 15 years he has been invited on several occasions to manage both private and government-supported events, as well as to speak in public platforms.

Over the years, he has developed the characteristics that make him an effective coach. His expertise ranges over many areas: Leadership, CS, PR, public speaking, events management, motivational speaking and voluntary service. Under those themes, he has given keynote speaking and conducted workshops for local and international communities.

He envisions a future that fosters a new generation of distinguished leaders with the aim of effectively solving community challenges on both local and global scale.

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