Max Calderan

Motivational Speaker

Max Calderan

Are you interested to have on board as speaker the incredible extreme desert explorer known as Son of the Desert? ( Al Jazeera TV quote).

Holder of 13 First ever on foot crossing, the last one – 365km No Stop was in United Arab Emirates following the Tropic of Cancer line.

Max Calderan, Motivational , is recognized as an excellent speaker able to transfer his experience in several field of common life.

‘’ Once you have reached your limit, you have two choices:
either abandon your goal or surrender the idea that this limit ever existed’’

Companies like Epson , Bayer, Qatar Airways and many others chose Max to awaken the people ” Force Within’’.

What has allowed Max to achieve these outstanding results were intense workouts , investment of time and energy, spirit of sacrifice and the belief that nothing can limit our potential.

Max Calderan is a well-known name in the Arabian Peninsula, and numerous articles have been written about him. In 2014, the Qatari AlJazeera broadcasting station dedicated a special documentary about him and broadcasted it worldwide. He has been welcomed by presidents, ministers and high-ranking authorities in the Arab world. International newspapers and TV stations have dedicated space to his feats and challenges of ‘alleged limits’ of the human body, in a territory where even Bedouins and herders are not able to resume their activities in its blazing heat.

Great motivator, an extraordinary expert of deserts, Max, without medical care and in complete solitude, carrying a backpack with only the essentials, has exceeded all limits known written in DNA, above all that one that every day prevents us from being truly free: fear of going over.

Several years of experience in important business fields, the management and ownership of a sport and coaching company in the United Arab Emirates, the epic sport career, the deviations from the so called physical and mental limits, represent only a small part of the background of the trainer Max Calderan.

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