Nasif Kayed

Founder and CEO of The Arab Culturalist FZ, LLC

Nasif Kayed

Nasif is the founder and CEO of The Arab Culturalist, a business consulting firm providing Cultural Intelligence workshops and expert advice on Arab and Emirati culture and doing business in the GCC. Nasif holds an Advanced Certification in CQ® from the Cultural Intelligence Center in the United States where he lived for more than two decades, and is a dynamic motivational speaker and facilitator.

In the early eighties he left the Gulf for the US where he established himself as a business entrepreneur and by 2007, had developed over 40 companies and ventures. He donated his skills to coaching others on how to grow their business, and advised his business associates on how to relate in a multi-cultural business environment. He was a pioneer in advancing his community’s non-profit organization by serving on the Board of Directors and chairing many committees where he developed various cultural awareness programs and initiatives for community leaders, schools, universities, and religious and governmental institutions.

Upon returning to the GCC the place of his birth, he spent 8 years as Managing Director of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding where he developed unique cultural programs which created and contributed to Cultural Tourism in the UAE. Today he resides in Dubai where he continues his mission to promote the region, building peaceful coexistence and understanding through education, training and development programs that focus on cultural intelligence.

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