Natalia Wiechowski


Natalia Wiechowski

Think Natalia is a Dubai based, award-winning, bilingual (German/ English) Public Speaker, Impression Management Coach and Digital Influencer who radically changed her life(style) and career after a self-imposed sabbatical.

After studying human behavior for over 12 years and spending almost nine months in isolation to find her purpose, the social scientist (M.A.) and prospective Dr. phil. came to the conclusion that her mission is to help people impress themselves; and others.

This insight encouraged Think Natalia to develop a new, unique training program, which combines the most successful elements out of performance coaching, self-marketing and life coaching.

She has been featured in Startup Weekend Dubai, Cosmopolitan Middle East, the Entertainer, Aquarius Magazine, YogaLife, The Link, Logistics Middle East, Leibniz University Hanover and many more. She has been recognized as Cosmopolitan Middle East Awards Finalist for being the ultimate Inspiration in 2016.

Natalia is the Middle East’s leading Edutainer. Award-winning, bilingual (German/English) Public Speaker, Impression Management Coach & Digital Influencer

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