Nicolai Tillisch

Author and Leadership coach

Nicolai Tillisch

Nicolai is the author of the bestselling book Effective Business in the Gulf (Motivate Publishing), covering how leaders should run their businesses in the region’s increasingly competitive market environment.

He is a popular speaker on topics such as leadership effectiveness, performance culture, and diversity. His focus is to help the audience see and act on the greater potential in themselves and their organizations. Nicolai is engaging and loves sharing thought-provoking perspectives. The Wall Street Journal, The National, The Times of India, and Xinhua are amongst the media that have quoted him.

Nicolai also works as a coach to boards and executives. His client portfolio includes private companies, listed corporations, and government-owned entities inside and outside the Middle East and North Africa. Nicolai is the regional partner for The Leadership Circle, which offers highly innovative frameworks and methods for assessing and developing leaders, and he invests actively in start-up companies.

Earlier in his career, Nicolai was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company and has held executive roles in a couple of international blue-chip corporations. He took a master’s degree in economics at the University of Copenhagen and lived in Stockholm and London before moving to Dubai ten years ago.

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