Omar Alhegelan

Freeflying World Champion

Omar Alhegelan

Having lived in 5 different countries, Omar Alhegelan spoke 5 languages by the time he graduated from Georgetown University in 1989. Along with a hand full of young & dynamic skydivers, through a lot of intensive training, positive energy & unparalleled vision; Omar Alhegelan pioneered the discipline, commonly referred to today as: Freefly skydiving.

In 1997 Omar started working towards the development of freeflying and its consequent acceptance into the skydiving community. By the year 2000 his commitment paid off & Freefly Skydiving became recognised by the F.A.I. /
I.P.C. & I.O.C. Omar Alhegelan has received every World & National title in the field of Freestyle Skydiving & has also been part of multiple Freefly Formation Skydiving World Records. Omar’s stunt work has taken him from Hollywood to Bollywood; he has even jumped out from one airplane & reentered another plane while in flight! He has
been the skydiving stunt double for Sharuk Khan as well as Edward James Olmos.

Not one to simply be content by jumping out of a plane at 13,00ft & landing at ground level over 17,000 times; Omar took part in the 1st Everest Skydive. After a 4 day trek to Syangboche, Nepal, the adrenaline adventure seeker jumped from 29,500ft & safely landed his parachute at 13,500ft., surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Himalayas.

In January 2010 his latest World Record endeavour took Omar to Dubai, U.A.E. in order to jump from the world’s tallest building; The Burj Khalifa. He was also part of the UAE official delegation to the FAI/IPC meeting in Montenegro which successfully secured the 2012 bid for the Mondial. 2014 took Omar to the top of the World sponsored by Skydive Dubai while jumping over geographic North Pole. 2016 December to be precise, Omar’s dream to jump over the Arctic & Antarctic will finally be a reality. With most of his dreams accomplished; Omar has now set his time & energy into helping & guiding those around him. Following his 20+ years of coaching & mentoring, Alhegelan has added an education of NLP, Hypnosis, life coaching & timeline paradigm techniques practitioner to his

Omar is the author of a parenting book and an NLP practitioner, making him a perfect motivational and inspirational speaker. He can present in English, French and Spanish.

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