Raj Kotecha

Marketing Expert

Raj Kotecha

Raj Kotecha is the founder of Creative Content Agency (CCA) where he has designed and implemented marketing campaigns across a range of platforms from events to social media for industry leading brands such as The Fragrance Shop, GolfOnline and Carrier Bag Shop. CCA has also supplied creative strategy and production services for a range of professional institutions including Accenture, Endava, Westminster Business Council, Royal Bank of Scotland and London Business School.

To this day, Raj is still an active creative producer, frequently chairing panels or stepping in front of the camera to interview Tony Hsieh (CEO, Zappos), Gary Vaynerchuk (CEO, VaynerMedia) and Robert Scoble (RackSpace). Specialising in organisational culture, content marketing and technology, Raj’s interviews focus on big strategic themes with Senior executives from PayPal, Microsoft, KPMG, Sage, Huddle, Audi, Google and others.
After completing his Masters, Raj moved to Canada where he co-founded StudentTones, Canada’s first independent ringtones portal. This led to various panels and national TV appearances as well as consulting work into the music industry.
Thereafter, he joined paidContent, an LA based publishing startup covering M&A, IP, earnings and industry moves. He was employee six and remained as European Director of Business Development until the sale of the company to The Guardian Media Group Europe in 2008.

Since then, Raj has been running the Creative Content Agency full time providing creative strategy and production to the aforementioned clients. A specialist in events and content marketing, Raj launched the agency by establishing a series of Social Media Week panels including “Social Media Stole My Music Mojo” featuring MTV, SoundCloud and The Guardian and “Music is Dead, Long Live Music” featuring Last.fm, SeatWave, Sony and Shazam.

Additionally he co-founded Street Release, a non-profit using arts and creativity to assist orphans in Kenya overcome traumatic upbringings and Sync Bar, London’s first suburban karaoke bar. However, he would cite his own career highlight as being co-founder and host of VaynerWorld, where he interviewed New York Times best selling author and CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk. The event had an audience of nearly 400 people and focused on the social media and content strategies currently being implemented by PepsiCo, GE, Campbell’s and various Fortune 500 companies.

Raj runs workshops on branding, social media strategies and marketing. He has relevant and innovative case studies that he shares in an interactive and engaging way with his audience.

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