Workshop on 27th of March – Are you trying too hard to succeed?

Two-hour workshop:
Are you trying too hard to succeed?
Maybe you are trying so hard to succeed that you will fail?

When you, as an entrepreneur, want to put everything into your start-up to make it succeed, you risk either becoming a leader from hell for your staff or exhausting yourself with an unsustainable workload. You might be too busy to think much about this, but we are now offering an intense two-hour workshop with Nicolai Tillisch. He will help you to reflect and find ways to treat your staff, yourself, and eventually your business smarter.

Nicolai is a popular facilitator and draws upon:
•His personal experience as a serial and workaholic entrepreneur
•Insights from working as a coach for leaders of businesses ranging from start-ups to large corporations
•His involvement in groundbreaking research on human performance and development

Due to the interactive nature of the workshop, we are limiting the number of people who can participate.

Read more about our esteemed speaker Mr. Nicolai Tillisch from here.

Full workshop details available below:

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