Mike Chinoy on North Korea

Our esteemed speaker Mr. Mike Chinoy shares insights on the current political tensions in North Korea in his talks.

The latest North Korean nuclear and missile tests have added a new element of tension in an already complex security landscape in Asia. With the U.S. national security director describing North Korea as the world’s most worrisome nuclear threat – even more so than Iran — South Korea, Japan, and the United States. are already pushing for tough new sanctions against Pyongyang. Meanwhile, the South seems likely to agree to the deployment of the American THAAD anti-missile system, despite intense objections from China. Beijing, meanwhile is under intense pressure from Washington to toughen its approach to Pyongyang, although China appears more fearful of provoking instability in the North than it is of Kim Jong Un’s moves to enhance his nuclear arsenal, and his deliberate flouring of China’s warnings to show restraint. Differences over how to handle the North have exacerbated already serious tensions between Beijing and Washington, and threaten to grow worse.

For his part, Kim Jong Un shows no sign of moderating his behavior. And with the North Korean ruling party planning a rare congress in May- the first one in 36 years- where Kim will be looking to highlight his “achievements” to a domestic and international audience – the stage appears to be set for a winter and spring of growing tension and heightened danger of confrontation on the Korean peninsula.

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