Sales Tips from Laurence Winmill!

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Our speaker Laurence Winmill shares his thoughts on sales on his blog. He writes the following:

Pick up the phone and call today!
In the age of digital media and communications you still have to pick up the phone and speak to the client if you want to succeed in sales.
Too often emails and digital messages are sent in the hope of generating business. They are an important part of the communication trail but there is no substitute for picking up the phone and speaking to the customer.
Do not fear the telephone. It is a remarkable piece of kit for generating sales. Pick up the phone, dial and speak to the customer.
Overcome the fear factor. Speak to the client via phone. The very worst scenario is that they will say no. Have a conversation, listen to their needs, sell your services and you never know they may say yes!
Despite huge advances in technology and the way we communicate, the same principles for sales success apply today: Research, prospect, make contact, listen, match products and services to client needs, overcome objections and close.
You must have the desire, empathy and drive to succeed. These human qualities are essential to longevity and surviving in the most competitive industry of all.
No sales, no production, no jobs and no business – Sales is everything and everything is about selling.