Talib Hashim

Human Resource - Project Management

Talib Hashim

Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Hashim is a Dubai based entrepreneur, Workforce Nationalisation expert and founder of TBH Consultancy. He is also Managing Director and founder of Dubai based recruitment Main pic-National dressconsultancy Next Level which has been helping local jobseekers in the UAE find suitable jobs since 2006.

Talib has been instrumental in advising senior managers on some of their most pressing human capital and workforce issues. Talib is also regularly hired as an advisor to multinationals aiming to expand in the UAE, and who seek exceptional insights on the market, the local community and UAE nationals. Talib is a regular speaker in various local and regional conferences, workshops and universities. He is also a much sought after host for local forums and events. In addition, Talib delivers public and in-house workshops on topics such as Nationalisation, cultural integration in the workplace, and employment skills for jobseekers.

He has always been a strong advocate for youth empowerment and has been a member of the advisory board for AIESEC, the International youth leadership organisation, for 4 years where his role has been to mentor the young members of AIESEC as well as run workshops for university students.

Talib was nominated in 2009 to be one of 40 role model Arab entrepreneurs to join Silatech’s conference on that year. He was recently selected to be part of a group of select ‘experts’ to be part of Dubai government’s creativity lab to brainstorm future strategies and policies for what is now known as the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 (DSP2021). He is a columnist in various publications and regularly blogs through his site: UAEtopia. Talib holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Project Management, and he is passionate about high impact entrepreneurship, leadership, and martial arts.

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