Charif Hamidi

Fourth Industrial Revolution & Economics

Charif Hamidi

Charif Hamidi is an entrepreneur, an economics, corporate finance and strategy professional, and a dedicated
humanitarian. He has lived and worked in the United States of America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His main specialties are economic policy, corporate strategy, strategy innovation, corporate finance, and future studies primarily in the government, education, fintech, internet, and TMT sectors. He started his career in Investment Banking with Merrill Lynch, then later shifted to corporate finance and strategy consulting.

Charif is the founder of Education 4.0, a social enterprise that aims to boost numeracy and literacy skills of youth with limited access to education through edtech development and most importantly, successful implementation of 4IR inspired reforms with the purpose of unlocking economic prosperity and social justice.
Charif Hamidi serves on the board of many esteemed organizations in the U.S., Europe and Africa in the capacity of director and trustee, including Park University and People to People International. He has co-founded successful
ventures such as Voyaj, advised and served on the boards of several startups and tech companies worldwide, including global marketplace Togenit, tech and digital agency Markanel, and entrepreneurship competition and TV show El Mashroua.
Charif Hamidi had the honor to be recognized by multiple private, public and non-governmental organizations and earned several awards, including but not limited to:

• Kennedy-Lugar Fulbright Scholar – Department of State U.S.A.
• President Service Award by President G.W. Bush – White House U.S.A
• Park University’s International Trustee’s Scholarship – U.S.A.
• World Trade Center Global Future Graduate – U.S.A.
• People to People International Leadership Award – Belgium
• Peter Drucker Leader to Leader Institute’s Hesselbein Global Academy Graduate as one of the top 50 student leader entrepreneurs worldwide – U.S.A.
• Dr. Doris Howell Leadership Award – U.S.A.
• C.W. Bailey Award – U.S.A.
• 2010 International Trade Council Scholarship recipient – U.S.A.
• Park University’s Dedicated Trustee Award – U.S.A.
• Markanel Best Transaction Award – France
• Venture Valley Incubator Promising Entrepreneur Award – U.S.A.
• Abu Dhabi Education Council “Shaping the Future” Certificate of Excellence – U.A.E.
• INJAZ Mentorship Award – U.A.E.
• EY Abu Dhabi’s Humanitarian Ambassador Award – U.A.E.

Charif has served as an advisor and executive coach to CEOs, senior government officials, and NGO leaders. Charif is currently leading two research projects that study the fourth industrial revolution’s disruption of labor markets and investigate education and technology reforms to offset jobs lost to automation.

Charif is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum (WEF), and is often invited to speak at the WEF as well as other international conferences and summits in order to discuss a variety of topics such as the fourth industrial revolution, entrepreneurial leadership, smart cities, fintech, blockchain, technology disruption, economics of knowledge, education technology, women empowerment, civic engagement, and economic policy and tech development. Charif particularly enjoys giving lectures tailored to college students that cover a wide spectrum of topics from entrepreneurial career coaching to motivational speeches. He has given lectures at several prestigious institutions across the globe, including but not limited to the University of Notre Dame, New York University- Abu Dhabi, UMKC, Paris-Sorbonne, Zayed University, Park University, and Georgetown University.

Charif has published many articles and white papers on outlets such as the Harvard Business Review. He often appears on major regional and international news networks, including Sky News, to comment on market conditions, innovation trends, monetary economics, mergers and acquisitions, blockchain and the latest tech and entrepreneurship trends.

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