Ian Khan

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Ian Khan

Ian – A Motivational Futurist

Ian is a CNN featured Technology Futurist, 3 times TEDx Speaker, Director of highly acclaimed documentary “Blockchain City”, Bestselling author of “7 Axioms of Value Creation”, and contributor to multiple industry publications including McGraw Hill and Forbes. He is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, The National Speaker Association, Association of Professional Futurist and the Project Management Institute.

Chief Futurist at boutique Future research film Futuracy, Ian is one of the top quoted experts on Blockchain. He is also the creator of the “Future Readiness Score”, a revolutionary methodology to help organizations use a data based scientific approach to profitability and success in the future.

Ian is author of 8 books and has two more books in the works to be released by mid-2020. He is currently also working on two documentary films. The first “AI The Next Frontier” is the story of the role & impact of Artificial Intelligence on society, culture and business, to be released in March 2020. His second documentary is to capture the transformation with governments worldwide through the Government Experience (GX) initiative launched by the UAE in 2019.

An engineer and technologist by qualification, Ian has spent a majority of his career working within ecosystems of SAP, Microsoft and others, and now helps organizations around the world reach their potential through leadership and technology intelligence that organizations can build.

Considered to be one of todays most revolutionary speakers, Ian is a leading keynote speaker and has spoken on the same platform as President Obama, Amr Diab, Carlos Viveres, Daniel Habif, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) and others.

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