Joanna Barclay

Organizational Development Expert

Joanna Barclay

Joanna Barclay is CEO and founder of the Culture Leadership Group, a global speaker, author, corporate leadership consultant, and media columnist to the Business Times. She has 35 years of business transformation experience. The first 15 years working in the IT industry with leadership teams helping them implement new technologies. The past 20 years as a certified professional facilitator and corporate culture change consultant working with leadership teams to build high performing, values-driven organizations.
Her passion is personal and organizational transformation, developing conscious leadership, and empowering organizations to reach their full potential. Joanna’s expertise is working with leadership teams around the world, enabling them to assess their workplace culture, giving people a voice in the process of change, integrating cross-functional business functions for effective collaboration, to meet the business needs of the future.
Joanna has facilitated numerous organizational transformations with a wide variety of clients including large Canadian federal government departments, private corporations and non-profit associations in North America and Asia.

She recently moved back to Ottawa, Canada from Singapore where she lived for 5 years, speaking at conferences on Conscious Leadership through Values, and working with leadership teams who were going through cultural transformation.

Joanna is a certified International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Professional Facilitator & Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Technology of Participation Facilitator, a certified Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) Consultant from the Barrett Values Centre, a graduate of the National Training Laboratory (NTL) Organizational Development program, and graduate of the University of Ottawa in Management of Information Sciences.

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