Johan Ernst Nilson

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Johan Ernst Nilson

Johan Ernst Nilson started his career as an explorer and motivational speaker 20 years ago after a bet with a friend.
The question was; Could a person with the lowest grade in gymnastics bike from Sweden to Africa?
To Johan Ernst Nilson life is all about finding your dreams and reaching your goals. When Nilson was 15 years old, he saw a man playing the piano on the TV. He asked his parents what he needed to do to play like that and they told him to stay motivated and to practice. Three years later Nilson had a job as a professional pianist. To learn how to play the piano was Nilson’s first adventure.

So what is an adventure?

Everything you do that takes you outside your Comfort Zone is an adventure.
It does not have to be to climb Mount Everest or to ski to South Pole. Adventures are very individual. A normal day for you can be an adventure for someone else. Adventures has always been something that attracts humans. To do an adventure is to take a risk and risk taking is evolution. We grow through our mistakes and we build pride by daring. You can never reach a summit without taking some kind of risk.

Over the years Johan Ernst Nilson has motivated and inspired a whole world. Over 100 000 people have seen Nilson’s lectures in over 65 countries. He is a world record holder with over 40 expeditions in over 160 countries and he is a spokesman for many global NGOs and charity projects. His adventures have brought him from the North Pole to the South Pole, to summits on every continent, trough jungles, over oceans and across deserts. Johan has been recognized in media like; Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, New York Times, BBC, NBC, CNN and the Oprah Network. He’s also been on the cover of TIME. Johan has been invited to speak to people like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and the founders of Facebook.

Johans motto: “Everything is possible – the impossible just takes more time.”

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