Laurence Winmill


Laurence Winmill

Motivating people and encouraging businesses to grow has been a passion of Laurence’s throughout his career, making him the number one choice for UK and international organisations looking for an inspirational keynote speaker, presenter, sales trainer, or conference facilitator.
With experience working in a number of sectors, from pharmaceuticals to marketing, advertising and publishing, Laurence has extensive knowledge of various industries and a passion for business success. His ability to motivate individuals, whether they are a vital part of your business or his, has resulted in an excellent track record speaking at a variety of business and corporate events.
2005 was a particularly significant year for this established UK entrepreneur and keynote speaker, this year saw Laurence found Avagio Limited, a publishing company that specialised in the production and distribution of consumer and business publications throughout the UK.
When tough economic times hit in 2008, Laurence’s management skills and experience were tested to the extreme. Despite significant personal and business loss the company’s core brands survived and are now owned by one of the UK’s leading publishers, Local World.
The financial crisis proved a turbulent time for Laurence, and whilst this period was fraught with a series of highs and lows, the heartache only inspired him to start again and move forward with an unprecedented desire and passion.
In 2010, Laurence went on to launch creative PR, marketing and advertising agency, SJ&F Media. His 2013 book ‘Live Your Life’ documented his business and personal development throughout his career and the book has become a bible for many businesses in similar scenarios who just want to succeed.
Services at a Glance
Laurence offers a plethora of services for UK and international businesses looking for the resolve and driven spirit to make their company an overwhelming success in their respective markets.

Keynote Speaker
Securing the very best motivational speaker or keynote speaker for your upcoming corporate event is the order of the day for many companies. Laurence actively keeps his finger on the pulse of the ever-changing business world to ensure an effective and informed presentation is delivered to your audience.

Sales and Marketing Trainer
As one of the UK’s leading sales specialists, Laurence has used his skills to build business success after business success and can now be enlisted to transform your organisation.

Conference Facilitator
Whether you are organising a global conference for a multi-national audience or a one-off internal event amongst sales staff and executives, Laurence can be called upon to ensure your event runs smoothly, on time and on message.

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