Mogens Kjæmpe Jensen


Mogens  Kjæmpe Jensen

Electric is an understatement!
Meet the star from Discovery Channels global documentary ‘Everest beyond the limit’,
Mogens Kjæmpe Jensen, one of the most inspiring, engaging and dynamic speakers on the planet!
Mogens is the asthmatic who climbed Everest, and adding to show his amazing mental abilities, he cycled and ran 11500 km from Denmark to Tibet in 100 days as a warmup before the climb !

‘The sky’s Not the limit’ represents Mogens view on the potential of individuals and organisations.
After having achieved the incredible what seems almost impossible, Mogens has been paying his experiences forward to people and organisations who want to reach new heights, and in the last decade, he has been working as a speaker with world class organisations such as GSK, Goldman Sachs, ING, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Bayer etc. with crowds up to 1.000.
Mogens has an extremely rare ability to inspire, motivate and provoke, you will be hard challenged to find someone who is capable of adapting his speak so perfectly to the needs of the company which is hiring him.

Topics Mogens excels in are among others:
Business Motivation
Personal Leadership
Positive Leadership
High Performance Teamwork
Positive Psychology
Resilience and empowerment

Mogens is also on of Denmarks most successful mentors and has more than 8.000 hours of experience mentoring the top 1% of Denmarks Elite, including The Minister of Justice, members of the European Parliament, Mayors of the biggest cities, CEOs, Company owners and top executives, which gives him a vast and broad experience in how to work with people who are winners and want to go even further.

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