Nimi Metha

Radio Presenter

Nimi Metha

Nimi Metha is the co-host of Channel 4’s flagship morning show, “Wake Up UAE! With Jacob and Nimi” on 104.8 FM, that airs every Sunday to Thursday, 6am to 10am.

Nimi played professional tennis until the age of 18, when she decided to switch gears and pursue her passion for broadcast journalism and now holds a degree in, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Journalism.

Joining MTV UK in 2014 as a presenter, Nimi was able to share her views and commentary on the leading fashion trends and events and gained valuable experience in hosting both live and recorded events.

Nimi was offered the opportunity to co-host the morning breakfast show on 104.8 FM, as part of a new team that would represent the voice of the millennial generation; with a special fondness for the UAE, having been a regular visitor during her childhood, coupled with the opportunity to connect with locals and expats from all over the world, Nimi was perfect for the role and can now be heard across the airwaves every weekday.

Spreading good vibes and positivity to her listeners, Nimi gives listeners their daily intake of humour, banter and above all great music! She is a great believer that if you start your day on a positive note, it can only get better and always aims to have her listeners start their day with a smile.

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