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Nina Zandnia

Nina is Persian/ Swedish who grew up in New York and Sweden. She has lived in Australia and for the past 10 years in Dubai. She has a Masters and an Honors degree in journalism and TV broadcasting, and an Honors degree in Media Law and Ethics from NYU/Bond/ Griffith University. She speaks 6 languages fluently.

Nina has been called the Princess of the Middle East and the Queen of Media because of her exceptional work in TV/Media/Fashion and Humanitarian work by Great Woman Awards and Ahlan Magazine. She won the Great Woman Awards 2016 Middle East for her achievements. She was in the Top 100 Middle Eastern Influencer and she was chosen as the Top 40 All Star Middle East. She is called Victoria Beckham of the UAE, The Best Dressed Female By Harper’s Bazaar, The Fashion and Media Icon by Velvet Magazine, The Most Beautiful TV Personality by Cosmopolitan Magazine, and The Fashionista of Middle East by HELLO Magazine. The Most Fashionable Girl by Grazia and many more international magazines. She was nominated for the woman of the year award, nominated for an Achievement award 2012, and also nominated for an Entrepreneurship award. She has been Face and ambassador of major Brands. Here are few links for your review. She hosted a live TV show for 30 Million viewers around the world interviewing Logan Paul the worlds Biggest Meet and Greet in Dubai Mall.

Instagram Followers : 273 000
Facebook/ private followers 6250
My blog followers ; 420 000 it is being upgraded and will be launched again in mid August.
Khaleej Times : 1,2 Million readers

Social Media influencer
She has over 273 000 followers on instagram.

Khaleej Times
Khaleej Times is 1 of the biggest and respected Newspaper in the Middle East. Nina has her own column in khaleej Times and she is 1 of the first columnist working for them. Because of her massive popularity in the Middle East she writes about her life and everything about Lifestyle, Travels, Fashion, Art, Culture, Restaurants and Hotels.

More than 15 years’ experience working for major networks in America, Australia, Sweden and UAE. The Networks include Sky News, NBC, Channel 7, Strix Television, Talpa Scandinavia, Sto-Cph.and Dubai 1. Nina is a presenter, director and producer. She started her TV career at the tender age of 14 hosting a children’s show. In 2006 Nina developed a reality TV show, Top Dog, that was sold to 26 different countries and it was a prime time TV show. With her hard work and her belief that nothing is impossible, she was the founder of the First Lifestyle TV Channel Online in the Middle East, LIFESTYLE-DUBAI.COM. She also was the CEO of U C Production and Zand Dynasty Corporation, a well know Media production Company in the UAE.- She is currently working on Entertainment Chanel with ITP which she created and is hosting. She also is 1 of the ITP influencers

Nina Zandnia was 1 of the fist one to start a blog in the Middle East in 2008 with 420,000 followers and over 2 million viewers less than 6 month. On a weekly basis she receives over 15 000 emails on her blog from her followers asking her about fashion advice and style and that she is an inspiration for them. The statistics showed her blog was the leading blog in 2014 with followers in the Middle East. Business Today crowned Nina’s blog the most influential blog.

A fashion app that Nina has been working with for over a year, which will be launched in November 2019, will allow girls never before seen access to each other’s wardrobes to mix and match outfits. This app is considered to be Every Girls dream.

She always wanted to share her style with her followers and fans, talk about what she wears and what people should wear.
Her 1st collection was inspired by Nina’s dream which she collaborated with Essa.. The collection was launched at a grand Fashion Show on November 9 at the Kempinski Hotel, 2012. Nina was a spokesperson for Kempinski Hotel Palm Jumeirah in 2012.
Her 2nd collection Nina’s family inspires this collection; her mother’s profound grace, the elegance of her Grandmother and the unspoken fashion legacy that is passed from mother to daughter. Chic and simple, each of the pieces has been designed to showcase Nina’s European sensibility infused with her aristocratic Persian heritage.
As an accomplished career woman, Nina appreciates that it is tough for professional woman to keep ahead of trends when juggling multiple commitments. With this collection Nina, with her creative ideas and designs will help women achieve their goal of looking their best, day or night. Now her fashion line Nina Zandnia is in Galeries Lafayette

ABOUT LIFESTYLE-DUBAI.COM, was the first lifestyle TV channel online, with nearly 1.9 million viewers since its debut on March 1, 2012, providing viewers a virtual guide, and everything they want to know about Dubai, UAE. From hotels, to restaurants, from activities to arts, from cooking shows to nightlife, from events to international series, provides a complete catalogue of activities for every sector of society.

Since 2012 she has been working on a documentary, “The Correspondent” about the Syrian conflict, as an Executive Producer with:
STEVEN CANTOR, OSCAR nominated, Emmy winning producer/director
JANINE DI GIOVANNI, one of Europe’s most respected and experienced journalists
SCOTT ROSENFELT, President of Cinema Veritas, acclaimed producer with over 25 years of experience in the motion picture industry
ANDREW KRISS, Ora TV, Creator of the National Geographic Show American Gypsies.

She loves to fly planes as she has her PPL license, Wakeboarding, climbing and play the Piano. She loves to travel and she breathes Fashion.

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