Suzanne Talhouk

PR Director

Suzanne Talhouk

Talhouk graduated with a Masters in Physics but has built her career as a Communication & PR expert, writer, speaker in international forums such as TedxBeirut, Nuqat conference, and others, besides speaking at local and international universities and schools. Recently, her speech was featured on as the first Arabic speech ever to be posted on this international website and has exceeded 1 Million viewers to date.The topic covered was language and how one should not kill ones language and focus on mastery of it. She uses thought provoking and relevant Arabic examples and makes a strong case for the Arabic language.

Talhouk currently heads the PR Unit for the Levant region at J. Walter Thompson, She is also founder of local NGO “Feil Amer” فعل أمر and poet with two published books. She previously worked at Ain Wazein Hospital as Head of Communication & PR Department and also worked as communication director for the Beirut marathon association and was communication consultant for the Order of Nurses in Lebanon, and others. Talhouk has helped establish local NGOs and worked with international non governmental organizations such as Oxfam GB and Doctors Without Borders as well as working with Unifil post July war in 2006. Talhouk’s previous advertising agency experience in Dubai as a senior account manager has expanded her experience in the regional market.
Talhouk was featured on CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, France 24 and other international and regional channels, online portals, newspapers, radios and other media channels.
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Talhouk presents in Arabic and English.

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