Yelda İpekli

Marketing Expert

Yelda İpekli

Yelda İpekli was born in Ankara in 1967. Following her education on Business Administration, she participated lectures on the level of masters and doctorate degree at London School of Economics. She has written 2 theses on Institutionalization- Corporate Identity/ Culture and Perception Management- Branding. She is specialized on Strategic Management, Brand Management and Customer Relations Management. By means of such trainings, she obtained a wide perspective varying from the ‘institutionalization process of an organization’, ‘strategically strengthening the branding’ to ‘marketing tactics and sales management’.
In the year 2005, she realized her web-based dream project of ‘After 9’. Following the its establishment, ‘After 9’ was awarded as ‘The most genious business idea of Europe.
Yelda; has taken active roles in managing multi brands and positioning them. She has been on Turkey’s one of the most popular channels CNBC economics, weekly, for 4 years and providing information about marketing trends and new markets. In addition , her articles being published in many publications and also she joins conferences as a speaker.
She directed the positioning of Toyoto automobiles and Zara in Turkey and also the international projects of Victoria’s Secret, Jaguar and Hilton Hotels. She supports the brands in different sectors and different geographies. She believes, customer recogniton and accurate analysis are the factors that are more important than industry knowledge; to make a difference. By gathering her retail textile, luxury consumption, tourism experiences under the name “life style marketing”, she enriches her presentations. She is experienced in analysing, b2b and b2c businesses and also behaviors of the different customer tribes.
Her expertise is on strategic marketing, project development, crm, marketing, corporate relations and brand management. She focuses highly on CRM and customer trends .

Yelda believes that marketing is the philosophy of life, she enjoys riding horse, sailing, traveling around the world, giving conferences and adding new colors to the life of the people from different geographies.

She presents in English and in Turkish.

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